National Advisory Council 


Creation of the NAC

PETAA is establishing a National Advisory Council (NAC) to serve as an advisory body to the PETAA Board and to assist the General Manager on matters relating to PETAA’s national purpose.

The NAC will enable PETAA to diversify its expert pool and to deepen its engagement in local educational jurisdictions. It will enable PETAA to be more inclusive in terms of its geographic distribution of professional learning opportunities; create a wider network for identifying best-practice authors; and consolidate its national advocacy role.  

The NAC will comprise teachers and educators from all states and territories across a variety of expertise.

The creation of the NAC will allow PETAA to:
  • enhance its network for advice and support
  • make more inclusive decisions
  • provide a stronger advocacy role to help build a bigger profile
  • expand opportunities for attracting new talent, perspective and participation to the Association
  • build professional learning resources in specific areas
  • provide additional support for the General Manager to make more effective decisions using local talent and knowledge.

NAC members

Members will be appointed for their leadership, educational expertise, wisdom, and contacts, which they can use to build the effectiveness and reputation of the Association. They shall be people of good character whose lives and work will be a credit to each other and the Association.

Other desirable qualities include:
  • credibility, insight, strategic thinking, innovative ideas, networking, trend analysis, encouragement, vision casting, advocacy, mentoring, support, community opportunities and contributions
  • understanding of PETAA’s purpose and keenness in making a change for the better
  • a financial member of PETAA
  • members will be identified and appointed by the Board in consultation with the General Manager.   

The NAC operationally

The NAC:
  • will be headed by a Board Director who will report the activity of the NAC to the Board
  • have a  clearly defined relationship with the Board of Directors and the General Manager through regular communications
  • will serve in an advisory capacity with the consent of the Board of Directors and General Manager
  • members will serve without terms for as long as PETAA and the Council members consider the service mutually beneficial
  • members will attend meetings (on site or via web-enabled technologies) as agreed to support the work of PETAA, the Board and the General Manager on an annual, project or needs basis
  • does not have any formal legal responsibilities and membership on the Council is risk free
  • recommendations will have no legal or binding authority upon the Association but will likely influence the course of the Association's development.

Joining the NAC

To find out more about joining the NAC please download this document.

To register your interest in joining the NAC please email outlining your credentials and how you can contribute to the NAC and PETAA.