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Picture Books and Beyond examines a wide selection of picture books, graphics novels, films, e-picture books and apps that reflects the diversity of various evolving cultural artefacts, and their opportunities for education and delight. Picture Books and Beyond aligns closely with the goals and directions of the Australian Curriculum: English, and considers the potential of texts for enabling students to respond critically and creatively. It also highlights links to other curricula, general capabilities, and cross-curriculum priorities. Chapters are generously illustrated incorporating a range of relevant images from the picture books and other texts discussed by the contributors. Each chapter offers readings and interpretive opportunities through the complex interplay of words and images, narrative strategies, digital interactivity, or filmic adaptation in the sample texts. At the end of each chapter a list of 'Additional texts' is intended to lead readers to other useful examples that relate to the topics discussed. Picture Books and Beyond is a welcome and timely resource for the explicit integration of picture books for literacy and literary development in today's classrooms.

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