PETAA AGM 2020 and call for nominations

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA) will hold its 2020 Annual General Meeting at a later date of Thursday 23 July, 2020 at 5pm AEST and the AGM will be additionally conducted via Zoom video conference. Ahead of the meeting a formal notice of meeting with voting information will be sent to members. Nominations from PETAA members for two vacancies on the PETAA Board to be filled are now open.

Call for nominations for the election of two Directors

At the 2020 AGM there will be two vacancies on the PETAA Board to be filled.

The five directors continuing at the close of the 2020 AGM will be Robyn Cox (NSW), Pauline Jones (NSW), Therese Gawthorne (NSW), Julia Hayes (SA) and Bronwyn Parkin (SA).

Rule 26 c) of the PETAA constitution, as an aid to promote national representation, limits the number of Member Directors on the Board from any one State and Territory to four. Given continuing members’ States of origin, nominations may come from any of the Australian States or Territories. The two vacancies can be filled by elected Directors from State/Territories as follows: QLD (2), NSW (1), ACT (2), VIC (2), SA (2), WA (2) and NT (2)

Find more information about Becoming a PETAA Board Director including links to key materials below.

Nominations are now open and close on 17 June 2020. If you are a PETAA member interested in nominating, contact PETAA or simply download and submit the form below.

Becoming a PETAA Board Director

PETAA is governed by a Board of seven Directors who determine the organisation’s strategic direction and to whom the General Manager and operations team reports. To function effectively, the Board needs to embody a strong mix of cross-sector education experiences – local and national universities, private, public, denominational and independent schools – and corporate skill-sets — organisational management, corporate governance and financial probity. During its 40 plus year history, PETAA’s Boards have drawn from a broad range of professional backgrounds including academics, school principals, educational consultants, classroom teachers, parents, business representatives and legal professionals.

Documents that will help you better understand the roles and responsibilities of a PETAA Director include:

Do you have sufficient time available to meet the commitment required of PETAA Directors?

Over the course of the next 12 months, each Director is expected to:

  • Prepare and attend (preferably in person) four Board Meetings, typically one day's duration from 9am–4pm. PETAA arranges all travel. Though it is preferred that Directors attend in person, PETAA has the facility to video conference Directors into the meetings.
  • Attendance at committee meetings 6–9 times per year via video conference if not in person*. Time allocation depends on which committee the Director sits.
  • Attendance at the Annual General Meeting (via video conference or in person)
  • Attend to all other matters such as online reviews of documents, and including any such attendances as are necessary to fulfill the role of Director.

* PETAA currently has two key committees — the finance and audit committee meet every month or two and each meeting lasts for approximately 1 hour. The professional learning and publications committee meet every 6–8 weeks and each meeting lasts for approximately 1.5 hours.

Being a Director of the PETAA Board is an exciting professional challenge with responsibility for governing, overseeing the affairs of and making strategic decisions in the best interest of its members.

Benefits of being part of a PETAA board include an opportunity for personal and professional learning in areas of:

  • corporate and managerial knowledge in addition to increasing the range and depth of your discipline-specific knowledge around literacies education
  • a high level interaction and participation within the national education architecture and peer-professional associations
  • the opportunity to shape PETAA operations in the areas of publishing and professional learning programs, special educational projects and other activities that align with the PETAA mission


Remuneration for PETAA Board Directors is modest. Board Directors receive an annual fee of between $1000-$4000, depending on the Office held. We ensure Directors do not incur expenses as part of their role and Board Directors may also access a small amount of financial support to further their individual professional learning goals.

General qualities of prospective board directors include:

  • Vision and Leadership
  • Advocacy, Stewardship and Integrity
  • Knowledge (of PETAA and wider community)
  • Personal Commitment and Diligence
  • Collegiality.

Desirable qualities of prospective board directors include a commitment to and understanding of PETAA stakeholders and the ability to enhance PETAA operations within the context of our core purpose. This might be achieved through:

  • professional experiences and / or leadership accomplishments within education, business, government, finance, legal and HR, philanthropy, or the not-for-profit sector
  • understanding of governance and corporate related issues including policy development, risk management and organisational evaluation
  • an affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals
  • an understanding or willingness to learn about the role of ACARA, AITSL and ESA in the current national educational context
  • being a financial member of PETAA
  • being free from any conflict of interest.

The PETAA Board comprises many passionate and professional people who bring a broad range of valuable experiences and knowledge to collaborating and supporting teachers in new, engaging and relevant ways. If you, as a PETAA member, believe that you have relevant experience, passion and a strong voice, then consider contacting PETAA, or simply download the Nominations form 2020 (.pdf 123 kB). Nominations close by COB Friday 17 April 2019.