An update on the PETAA Research Grant

The success of the PETAA investment in the 2015 and 2016 PETAA Research Grants has ensured that the grant will continue over the years to come. Following constructive feedback around the timeline, which was considered too brief to do full justice to the research topic, the PETAA Board felt that it might be better for the each PETAA Research Grant to run over two years. Thus the next PRG will become available in 2018, with the submission process commencing late 2017.

The PETAA Research Grant, offering funding up to $75,000, is now a biennial award to enable a research team to undertake research into pedagogical approaches to the teaching of English in the primary school setting. It is hoped that this research will support in being better able to access, develop, and trial a range of effective pedagogical approaches to teaching English, language and literacy in primary schools, and to make decisions about the selection of content, resources and assessment informed by Australian school-based research.

It is PETAA’s vision that the research grant will directly contribute to building and fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between research communities and school-based partners. PETAA aspires to award grants to research teams that incorporate teachers as active participants in designing the research, rather than being recruited by researchers — a true collegial investigation.

The PETAA Research Grant will help to enable PETAA to continue to provide leadership and expertise in English and literacies across the curriculum that will develop the professional knowledge and practice of an increasingly diverse primary school educational community.

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