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PETAA provides key Professional Learning opportunities for teachers at every stage of their career evolution from graduating to leading others. We offer different modes of delivery — face-to-face, online, self-directed, conferences, and intensives — to suit both different learning styles and to accommodate busy schools demands. Professional Learning can be tailored to address specific school needs and PETAA will liaise with member schools to find the resources, direction and expert support to help you achieve your learning goals.

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What people say about our professional learning

‘Amazing ideas. This was truly inspirational. I am trying out ideas already.’
Anne Thorpe

‘I really enjoyed doing this course. I felt as if I was I was actually there. It is a great way to complete courses because you can do them in your own time. Time is not always a teacher's best friend!! Thanks very much to Kaye Lowe and PETAA for the opportunity and offering the course as a web course.’
Laura DiMarzio

‘This was a great PL! Thank you so much! Being a high school teacher by training, this has given me so many strategies and pedagogies to help support and enhance the literacy not only of my primary students, but also of my older students who are still at primary stages in their literacy levels.’
Ann Sheen

‘I will encourage membership of PETAA and this workshop if it is to be offered again.’
Jennifer Miles

Professional learning provided by PETAA in Cluster 5 (Inner western Region, Sydney Catholic Schools) has created and supported a culture for collaborative learning in schools. PETAA brings the best evidenced research forward to show professional learning’s worth for leaders and teachers in schools. The learning learnt by all our Instructional Leaders (Literacy and Numeracy Coaches) and teachers in Cluster 5 has built collective- and teacher efficacy in the teaching of literacy. The learning has transformed the leaders and teachers to think and talk about themselves as learners, about their students as learners and the cognitive behaviours that lead to student learning.

Tosca Galluzzo, Cluster Coach P5, Inner Western Region, Sydney Catholic Schools). May 2018

‘PETAA professional learning courses have provided me with opportunities to enrol in workshops that are relevant to my specialised teaching field (EAL/D). The presenters are exceptional, and impart not only current research/theory but also practical teaching ideas that have enhanced my teaching practice. These new teaching strategies have been implemented in the EAL/D team-teaching sessions affording classroom teachers with new and effective practices. As a PETAA member, I regularly receive educational literature that is second-to-none. It contains a range of topics that would interest all teachers in the teaching profession. My school is a member and I always encourage teachers to join PETAA.’

Caterina Baitieri, May 2018

‘My association with PETAA began fifteen years ago. As a teacher of primary children I am always conscious of the need to keep up to date with recent research and changing teaching methods. PETAA has been and remains a constant source of professional development opportunities in a variety of ways.

The benefit of membership is multi faceted. First there are the four publications per annum on relevant topics, which are sent to each member. Then there are a variety of after school workshops or one day conferences offered on a variety of aspects of literacy education for teachers. In addition the website provides a source of lesson ideas and objectives using different literary texts. For example Literature Singles and Global words. I have found these to be invaluable. I also often browse through the website and listen to one or more of the short videos available on a specific area of literacy. These may be a talk given by an expert or a practical example of a lesson illustrating how to best impart a particular aspect of literacy teaching to the students.

I am now retired and work as a casual teacher. Even in this capacity, my ongoing affiliation with PETAA has proved invaluable for all of the above reasons.

Hedy Allen, May 2018