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Upskill your school in 2019

PL session in school libraryPETAA’s purpose is to build the knowledge, capacity and resources of your school to create confident, skilled, best-practice educators in the area of language, literature, and literacy: the three interrelated strands of the Australian Curriculum: English. Because Literacy is a core General Capability identified across the entire Australian Curriculum, our focus encompasses all literacies.

We support the CONTINUAL PROFESSIONAL GROWTH of Australian teachers and schools with the following:


PETAA provides key Professional Learning opportunities for teachers at every stage of their career evolution from graduating to leading others. We offer different modes of delivery — face-to-face, online, self-directed, conferences, and intensives — to suit different learning styles and to accommodate busy school demands Professional Learning can be tailored to address specific school needs and PETAA will liaise with member schools to find the resources, direction and expert support to help you achieve your learning goals.


Our quality publications and online resources are relevant, evidence-based and accessible knowledge packages developed specifically for professional reading and planning. Our authors are acquired for their high academic credentials and practical communication abilities. Through our books, papers and interactive units of study, PETAA offers both theoretical, researched background on best practice teaching — and the practical, classroom tested approach for applying those theories every day.


PETAA contributes significantly to the growth of evidence based knowledge about English and literacy teaching and learning through our publications and the PETAA Research Grant, with our members’ GROWTH as our end-goal. PETAA membership offers something invaluable: being part of a community of like-minded professionals, and giving you the resources to build a professional knowledge network in your school. You can feel confident that you’re part of a space where professional excellence, proven teaching strategies, and vital reflection on practice is built into everything we do.

Introducing PETAA Special Delivery!

PETAA Special Delivery boxA new way to develop a learning community in your school

Special Delivery is a specialist and expertly curated package of PETAA professional quality resources that have been selected for schools or groups of teachers working as a learning hub.

It is not a ‘kit’, ‘program’ or ‘quick fix’. Rather, this resource package provides the framework for primary school executives and leaders to develop a focussed learning community within their school.

PETAA Special Delivery assists Principals, Assistant Principals, Curriculum Coordinators, Instructional Leaders, Literacy Specialists and Learning Support teachers to create a tailored professional learning course that will support teachers to improve outcomes for their students in all aspects of English: Language, Literature and Literacy.

Available now! Special delivery: WRITING

Each PETAA Special Delivery: WRITING contains: 6 hours of face-to-face PL on Writing K-6, addressing 1.2.2, 1.5.2, 2.1.2, 2.2.2, 2.3.2, 3.1.2, 3.2.2, 5.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. This may be one full day or two after school sessions, depending on school location and presenter availability. Online delivery can be negotiated for remote schools.

Recommended readings and references that can be used to engage colleagues in discussion at different levels: classroom, stage and whole staff. The resources can assist in developing a tailored PL program based on school need. Support materials, including 8 PETAA books and 6 PETAA papers.

Cost: Member Schools: $2500 Non Member schools: $3000

For more information Phone 1300 307 382 or email [email protected] to arrange delivery and book a date for your Professional Learning experience.

Teacher reading to students 

Other approaches to designing a program for your school

In consultation with your school, PETAA will design and offer a program:

  • to suit the needs and priorities of your school
  • as an ongoing series of school-based workshops
  • for a community of schools
  • at open sessions (3-hour to full-day) at various venues.

Finding a Professional Learning presenter through PETAA

PETAA’s access to a wide range of highly experienced professional learning presenters means that we can align your professional learning needs with the best provider available.

Go to the Authors and presenters profiles page to meet some of the leading academics and education consultants who work closely with PETAA to deliver high-quality publications and professional learning.

For more information Phone 1300 307 382 or email [email protected] to find out how we can assist in planning, designing and supporting your 2018 professional learning program. As well as courses listed below, a range of new courses will become available during 2018 in traditional face-to-face and new online and blended formats.

PETAA courses in previous years

Language, Literature and Literacy

  • Talking about books in Literature Circles
  • Teaching as inquiry: Improving reading achievement
  • Building life long readers: Putting pleasure back into reading
  • Guided reading: Quality literature or levelled texts?
  • Guided reading as a strategy to target comprehension
  • Enhancing literacy through quality literature and drama
  • Outdoor learning: Developing literacy through nature and story play
  • Approaches for developing reading fluency 3–7
  • English for Global Citizenship: Engagement with Asia
  • Supporting struggling readers in upper primary classes
  • Supporting struggling readers and organising the literacy block
  • Becoming a classroom researcher
  • Using action research to improve literacy outcomes
  • Linking the teaching of literature to language and literacy
  • Where do I start? Literacy teaching for beginning teachers
  • Language, Literature and Literacy in Kindergarten
  • Literature and its links to the Australian Curriculum
  • The Literacy Block
  • Teaching and assessing literacy across the curriculum


  • Grammar and Teaching: a twelve week after-school course
  • Grammar and Meaning unpacked
  • Grammar with rich literature
  • Language in imaginative, informative and persuasive texts


  • The explicit teaching of writing F–6
  • Reading Writing Prompts: Making the most out of picture prompts for composing narrative
  • Teaching as inquiry: Improving students' writing achievement
  • Teaching knowledge for the art and craft of writing (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Using modelled texts to develop writing
  • Creating curious, confident writers
  • Multimodal texts as springboards for teaching narrative writing

A Professional Learning Intensive and Showcase — Canberra, October 19 & 20

Writing the Future banner linked to event

Providing teachers with clear and practical outcomes they can take back to their schools

save the date: October 19 & 20, 2018


  • Catering for my EAL/D students in mainstream classes
  • Supporting EAL students in reading and writing


  • Explicit teaching strategies for reading comprehension
  • Strategies for developing inferential comprehension proficiency
  • Teaching comprehension
  • Guided reading as a strategy to target children’s comprehension


  • Teaching and learning vocabulary in context
  • Building vocabulary F–6
  • The dialogic turn: Changing classroom talk and interactive practices for productive literacy learning


  • Teaching spelling K–2
  • Contemporary perspectives on learning and instruction in spelling

Visual Literacy

  • Viewing in the Australian Curriculum: Still images
  • Viewing in The Australian Curriculum: Moving images
  • Reading the visuals: teaching the visual literacy component of the NSW syllabus: English
  • Now I See it: Picture books: A key to unlock the Australian curriculum
  • The Power of Picture Books: words and pictures together
  • Critical Visual Literacy
  • Multimodal texts as springboards for teaching narrative writing


  • A River of Poetry: Engaging with, responding to and creating poetry
  • Making poetry a pleasure

PETAA Professional Learning Testimonials

  • Great 'hands on' workshop with very useful strategies
  • Thanks for the added confidence in my teaching
  • One of the most useful professional development opportunities I have participated in, in a long time
  • The workshop was highly professional both in its content and presentation
  • This professional development was fantastic and very helpful on a tough topic
  • I feel much better equipped to work with my students
  • Another great opportunity to refine and extend my understandings.