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Put it in Writing: Engaging Learners with Texts ​

Put it in Writing book cover linked to publications pageJoanne Rossbridge and Kathy Rushton

Discovering how texts work and how to compose texts for a range of purposes and audiences is central to expressing ideas in all subject areas. This book provides models, guides and processes for teachers and students to give careful thought to work with texts valued in educational contexts.

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Classrooms of possibility: Supporting at-risk EAL students

Classrooms of Possibility book cover

Jennifer Hammond and Jenny Miller (editors)

This resource offers ways in which teachers can learn from, and respond to, their ELL (EAL) students, through understanding what students bring with them to school, and exploring pedagogical practices and ways to work effectively in their classes, with at-risk EAL students

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Writing Like a Writer: New Edition

Writing like a Writer book coverLibby Gleeson

Author Libby Gleeson, provides teachers with descriptions and activities to help students focus upon and create their own narrative, to find their own voice. This resource will support teachers to help students craft more effective narratives.

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Classroom Talk: Understanding Dialogue, Pedagogy and Practice

Christine Edwards-Groves, Michéle Anstey and Geoff Bull

This book offers suggestions for how teachers can explicitly teach and use dialogue, to enable learners to engage in rich, effective and meaningful classroom talk.

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Picture Books and Beyond

Picture Books and BeyondKerry Mallan (editor)

Practical ideas for using print-based, digital and electronic picture books to explore social, emotional and environmental issues, history, art and science. Most of the teaching ideas and picture books referenced are relevant and applicable to NZ schools, or adapt the ideas and suggested texts for your own context

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Literacy in the Middle Years: Learning from Collaborative Research

Literacy in the Middle YearsDr Anne-Marie Morgan, Prof Barbara Comber, Prof Peter Freebody, Adj Prof Helen Nixon et al

This resource offers significant ideas from leading educators for supporting the literacy development of students in years 7–10, including inquiry learning, multimedia and ELL, digital literacy, and literacy across curriculum areas.

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The Shape of Text to Come: How image and text work

The Shape of Text To ComeJon Callow

The three strands of language — oral, written, and visual — are interrelated and integrated and are all important in understanding and communicating meaning in everyday visual texts. This book explores ways that visual or multimodal texts can be used to help learners make meaning of words and images in a multimedia world.

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A Literature Companion for teachers

Book pages releasing sparks on coverLorraine McDonald

This book develops teachers understanding of a range of traditional and contemporary literary text types, structures and features, poetry and visual texts. It is full of practical ideas of how to explore literature with students, to develop their critical thinking, responses to texts, and their writing.

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Thinking Through New Literacies for Primary and Early Years

Thinking Through New LiteraciesEileen Honan

This book supports teachers to understand the how and why it is important to develop learners’ written, verbal and oral and aural literacy literacies, in relevant contexts, through a range of new online technologies

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Grammar and Meaning New Edition

Grammar and MeaningSally Humphrey, Louise Droga and Susan Feez

This text will help teachers build their knowledge of grammar and how to teach it. It complements A New Grammar Companion for Teachers (below) supporting teachers with ideas of how to apply their knowledge in literacy situations with students.

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A New Grammar Companion for teachers

Book coverBeverly Derewianka

If you need to build your own knowledge of grammar of spoken and written language, this is an informative resource. It takes you through understanding what the function of grammar is, to supporting your students to create cohesive texts.

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Conversations about Text 1: Teaching Grammar Using Literary Texts

Conversations About Text 1Joanne Rossbridge and Kathy Rushton

This resource develops the grammar of different literary texts from understanding word group such as verbs and nouns, different sentence structures, through to developing a cohesive narrative text. Supports Structures and Language Features in NZ: English.

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Multimodal Literacy: Researching Classroom Practice

Multimodal LiteraciesMaureen Walsh

This resource offer suggestions for the literacy strategies learners need to read, use and produce multimodal texts and provides ideas for teachers of how to reflect on, and adapt their own literacy teaching practices.

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Conversations about Text 2: Teaching Grammar Using Factual Texts

Conversations about Texts 2Joanne Rossbridge and Kathy Rushton

A practical resource to learn how to teach the structures and language features of different informative and persuasive factual texts, including descriptions, instructions, recounts, explanations and persuasive texts. Links to Structures and Language Features in NZC: English

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Teaching English Language Learners in Mainstream Classes

Teaching English Language Learners in Mainstream ClassesMargery Hertzberg

The teaching and learning strategies in this title help mainstream teachers to assist students’ development of English across a variety of subject areas. Modify and contextualise the suggestions to the specific needs of your ELL students.

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Smart Thinking: Developing reflection and metacognition

Image of a brain alongside book titleJeni Wilson and Lesley Wing Jan

This book supports the key competency of Thinking, with ideas that suggest how to develop students’ capabilities to question, make connections, set goals, self-assess and be reflective and metacognitive learners.

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Learning to Learn in a Second Language

Learning to Learn in a Second LanguagePauline Gibbons

This classic text still offers relevant ideas and background knowledge for teachers of how to support the increasing numbers of ELL learners in mainstream classrooms and aligns with ESOL Teaching Strategies.

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Exploring How Texts Work

Beverly Derewianka

This iconic text has developed teacher knowledge of how factual and literary written texts are organised for over 20 years. It continues to help teachers to understand the language features and structure, so they can view the National Standards illustrations, with confidence.

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Where Do I Start? Stimulating Ideas for Literacy Rich Classrooms

Cover with classroom scenesRobyn Wild

A practical resource for helping a beginning or returning teacher set up a successful literacy classroom, including knowing what to teach, planning units of work, organising the classroom environment and resources.

Silver fern iconLinks to RTC 6 and 7  Planning for literacy

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Strategies for Reading Success

Strategies for Reading SuccessMarcelle Holliday

Using the roles of the Four Resource Model (see NZ material based on this), this book offers practical ideas of how to support learners to break the code of texts, participate with text, use texts and critically analyse them.

Silver fern iconAlso liinks to Reading Strategies

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Strategies for Writing Success

Strategies for Writing SuccessMarcelle Holliday

A practical resource which will support any teacher to develop their knowledge and put into action an effective teaching and learning writing programme. Connects to NZ Curriculum: English and ELP.

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Reading Under the Covers: Helping Children to Choose Books

Literary ephemera and cuttings and a torch lighting the book title on coverAlyson Simpson

Well-known authors and illustrators of children’s books offer suggestions which will support teachers to help children choose books.

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Beyond the Reading Wars

Images of children and parents reading on the coverRobyn Ewing (editor)

Offering a balanced approach to helping children learn to read — leading literacy educators explore issues that impact on designing an effective reading program and how to achieve that balance of approaches.

Silver fern icon Supports ideas from ELP Teaching Reading

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Teaching Values

Colourful night scene on coverLeonie Rowan, Judy Gauld, Jennet Cole-Adams and Andrew Connolly

Many of the values that are introduced in this book link directly to the same value outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum. Ideas for teaching and learning each value are suggested.

Silver fern iconLinks to Values in NZC

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Primary English Teaching: An introduction to language, literacy and learning

Student writing on coverRobyn Cox (editor)

This book provides an introduction to teaching literacy and supports new and returning teachers to build their knowledge and repertoire of comprehensive teaching and learning experiences.

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Literacies in Place: Teaching Environmental Communications

An arial photograph of patchwork fields of farmlands on coverBarbara Comber, Helen Nixon and Jo-Anne Reid (editors)

Adapt the integrated literacy and environmental education inquiry ideas in this book to a relevant issue in your local context.

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Designing Learning for Diverse Classrooms

Image of craft activity on coverPaul Dufficy

This resource examines how to design meaningful learning tasks that enable all students to experience success.

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Turn-around Pedagogies: Literacy Interventions for At-risk Students

Teacher with students on coverBarbara Comber and Barbara Kamler (editors)

Leading literacy educators explore a range of interventions that have been both motivational and successful at supporting reluctant at-risk students, experience positive literacy achievements.

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Beyond the Script: Take two

Cover features kids in clown faceRobyn Ewing and Jennifer Simons

Learn how to use drama activities in everyday classroom instruction, to help students to explore issues, question perspectives and ideas through using their body and voice to make meaning.

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