Special Stock Prices on Valued PETAA Titles

PETAA is able to offer a range of PETAA print books to teachers and schools, as an opportunity to stock up on valuable reference materials, at a reduced cost of $7.95 per book. Browse from the list below and follow the links for sample chapters and more details.

Note these prices are not available to trade and do not include other discounts of entitlements.

Two PETAA titles in the Strategies in action series for $15 postage free

Reading Under the Covers

Notes and bok materials by the title, under torchlight

Alyson Simpson

Well-known authors and illustrators of children’s books offer suggestions which will support teachers to help children choose books. More

Writing {Better} Stories

Text cut up graphic on cover

Vivienne Nicoll-Hatton

In Writing (Better) Stories well-known children’s authors give advice, from their own experience, on how to get students writing. More

Text Next: Resources for Literacy Learning

Text Next

Annah Healy & Eileen Honan (editors)

Text Next provides a platform of ideas for teachers developing programs focussed on literacy development via the ‘four roles’ model … More

Smart Thinking: Developing Reflection and Metacognition

 Smart Thinking book cover, linked to webstore

Jeni Wilson & Lesley Wing Jan

This book will assist teachers in their quest to develop students' capacities as deep thinkers and independent learners. More

A Year in Texts: An Explicit Reading Program

 A Year in texts cover

Kerry Gehling

This book sets out a year-long reading program targeted at middle-years students. More

Managing Small-Group Learning

 Managing Small Group learning cover with a copse of trees

Jo-Anne Reid

This book puts the case for small-group organisation in the light of contemporary educational theory. More

On Task: Focused Literacy Learning

 On Task book cover

Christine Edwards-Groves

This book focuses on the interaction between teachers and students and draws attention to the need for teachers to embed behaviour management within learning focused interactions. More

Beyond the Reading Wars

 Beyond the Reading Wars cover

Robyn Ewing (editor)

A useful tool for teachers and parents of primary children, this book explores the history and latest research about reading process and pedagogy. More

Taking a Closer Look at Literature-Based Programs

 Literature-based Programs book cover

Vivienne Nicoll & Victoria Roberts

This book sets out basic principles and practical advice for constructing an effective literature-based reading program. More

Getting Started: Ideas for the Literacy Teacher

 Getting Started book cover with text montage

Vivienne Nicoll-Hatton

Throughout this book classroom practitioners share strategies and ideas that demonstrate how teachers can keep their classroom approaches fresh. More

Thinking Together: Philosophical Inquiry for the Classroom

 Thinking Together book cover

Phillip Cam

This book explores how story-based material can be used to raise philosophical puzzles and problems that will set students thinking. More

Teaching Values

 Hundertwasser-esque imagry on cover

Leonie Rowan, Judy Gauld, Jennet Cole-Adams and Andrew Connolly

A collaboration between PETAA, the National Museum of Australia and Dr Leonie Rowan designed to help teachers conduct values-education classes. More