Writing the Future by Dr Kaye LoweWriting the Future by Dr Kaye Lowe

Writing the Future by literacy consultant and long-time PETAA collaborator, Dr Kaye Lowe examines how writing empowers learners to develop the skills required for 21st century success. It explores the power of writing to change and shape how writers think and engage with their worlds. Writing the Future expands on ideas presented in Kaye's highly valued PETAA publication, For the Love of Reading, and continues the conversation we started at our 2018 Writing the Future Professional Learning Intensive.

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The Alphabetic Principle and beyondThe Alphabetic Principle and Beyond: Surveying the landscape

Edited by Robyn Cox, Susan Feez, and Lorraine Beveridge

One of a child’s first steps towards learning to read is learning the alphabetic principle ... In this publication, the key ‘big ideas’ are woven together for teachers to help them support primary school students’ successful learning of the alphabetic principle, so it becomes a stepping stone towards students achieving the level of reading needed to meet the demands of 21st century educational, vocational, and community contexts.’

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Tell me your story coverTell me your story: Confirming Identity and engaging writers in the middle years

By Janet Dutton, Jacqueline D’warte, Joanne Rossbridge and Kathy Rushton

‘Valuing the linguistic and cultural heritage of students is an important way to develop inclusivity and connectedness and to promote wellbeing and engagement with learning. By fostering an inclusive creative pedagogy, teachers can meet the needs of students from a range of linguistic, cultural and social backgrounds.’

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