Tell me your storyTell me your story

Janet Dutton, Jacqueline D'warte, Joanne Rossbridge & Kathy Rushton

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Tell me your story: Confirming Identity and engaging writers in the middle years
"Valuing the linguistic and cultural heritage of students is an important way to develop inclusivity and connectedness and to promote wellbeing and engagement with learning. By fostering an inclusive creative pedagogy, teachers can meet the needs of students from a range of linguistic, cultural and social backgrounds"
The chapters provide a range of pedagogical approaches that focus on engagement and the affirmation of student identities. Each chapter has a particular focus and readers can choose the chapter or chapters that reflect their preferred approach to negotiating and affirming student identity in their own classrooms. The chapters provide a range of suggestions for working with students in the middle years and many examples of how different approaches can be implemented in classrooms.

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Janet Dutton, Jacqueline D'warte, Joanne Rossbridge & Kathy Rushton
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