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''Early Childhood

It's Bedtime, William!

It's Bedtime William book cover linked to unit of work

Years F–2 Sample

Look See, Look at Me!

Look see, look at Me! Image of boy mimicking the post of a running dog

Years F–2 Unit

Maudi and Bear

Years F–2 Unit

Noni the Pony

Alison Lester Noni the Pony cober with jumping pony

Years F–2 Unit

The Deep End

The Deep Ebd cover with girl wearing floaties in a pool

Years F–2  Unit

The Tall Man and the Twelve Babies

Inside cover with the tall man pushing a proam full of babies

Years F–2 Unit

''Younger Readers

Duck for a Day

Duck for a Day Book cover

Years 2–4 Unit

Henry Hoey Hobson


Years 5–7 Unit

Just a Dog


Years 4–6 Unit

The Red Wind

Years 4–6 Unit


Years 4–6 Unit

Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot

Cover with Violet holding the title on a card

Years 3–5 Unit

''Picture Books

Family Forest

Family Forest book cover

Years 1–3 Unit


Silhouette of a cat on the cover

Years 6–8 Unit

My Uncle’s Donkey

 Donkey on a couch

Years 1–3 Unit

The Hairy-Nosed Wombats Find a New Home

Haiory Nosd Womabts juggling household objects

Years 2–4 Unit

Two Peas in a Pod

Image on cover of figures in a pod

Years 1–3 Unit

Why I Love Australia

Image of dot painting with shell pattern on cover

Years 2–4 Unit

''Information Books

The Return of the Word Spy

The Return of the Word Spy book cover

Years 4–6 Unit

Zero Hour: The Anzacs on the Western front

World  War 1 Soldie amidst battel scene on cover

Years 5–7 Unit

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''Older Readers

Midnight Burial

Years 7–8 Unit


Boy in details from the book cover

Years 5–7 Unit

Shahana: Through my eyes

Young girl from book cover

Years 5–8 Unit

The Big Dry

Boy silhouetted at dusk from cover

Years 5–8 Unit

The Girl from Snowy River

Young woman and a horse, cover detail

Years 7–8 Unit

To See the World

Graphic cover with naval imagry, the globe of the world and sailor

Years 6–7 Unit

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