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Kaye Lowe

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Writing the Future by literacy consultant, Director of Read4Success, and long-time PETAA collaborator, Dr Kaye Lowe examines how writing empowers learners to develop the skills required for 21st century success. It explores the power of writing to change and shape how writers think and engage with their worlds.

Writing the Future has an exciting premise: the core skills involved in writing-creativity, critical thinking, communication, social and personal skills align with skills identified as essential for thriving in today's digital world.

Kaye argues that writing nurtures these skills and, in turn, prepares today's writers for future work, citizenship and life.

Kaye passionately believes that to achieve this goal, teachers need to be writers too. Her mission, and the mission of Writing the Future, is to support all learners to realise their potential as writers.

Writing the Future expands on ideas presented in Kaye's highly valued PETAA publication, For the Love of Reading, and continues the conversation we started at our 2018 Writing the Future Professional Learning Intensive.

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