Webinars and videos

Video and web formats for professional learning activities

PETAA increasingly uses video materials in resources. When an interactive webinar format with supporting resources is used for professional learning, recordings can be made available to PETAA members.

Partnership projects, such as Global Words and the Copyright Agency Connect series are able to make recorded webinars and video materials available to the general public. More recent uses of video include the Project 40 series of videos and essays and the use of video to accompany PETAA Paper 196.

The Donald Graves Address

To honour the importance of Donald Graves’ contribution to the teaching profession, ALEA and PETAA collaborated to support The Donald Graves Address.

In each address speakers revisit key messages from Donald Graves’ writings and research and draw connections with contemporary practice: identifying the roadblocks thwarting children’s natural intent to express themselves; challenging current orthodoxies; maintaining writing as a central, powerful and exciting process at the heart of children’s meaning making. The 2015 Address was made by Lisa Kervin.

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Exploring the 2012 CBCA Short List: Webinars

Sophie Honeybourne shares inspirational ideas for using quality children's books from the 2012 CBCA Short List in the classroom in two free webinars.

Educator Sophie Honeybourne
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Left: Educator Sophie Honeybourne

iPad, Apps and Literacy Learning

A webinar series and compendium for PETAA members, by educational consultant and specialist on children and technology, Dr Kristy Goodwin.

Doctor Kristy Goodwin

Includes Apps for literacy learning in phonics, spelling, grammar, sight words, iBooks, eBooks and books, handwriting, writing tools, digital storytelling, talking and listening.

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Left: Dr Kristy Goodwin

Global Words: English for global citizenship education

A free webinar to support and extend understanding of how Global Words can be used in the classroom, presented by Dr Lorraine McDonald.

Margaret from Uganda. Photo by World Vision in Global Words

Supports teachers from Years 3-8 to integrate the Australian Curriculum: English with Global Perspectives.

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Left: Margaret from Uganda in Global Words