Research into practice conversations: Inquiry into teaching spelling

PETAA has collaborated with The Foundation for Learning and Literacy, the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association, and the Australian Council of TESOL Associations to bring our combined membership, friends, and broader audiences this series of videos that create a space for professional conversations between teachers, school leaders and researchers.  Each video demonstrates the high levels of professionalism of our teachers and their commitment to draw on contemporary, valid, rigorously conducted and school-tested research to inform their judgements when targeting their teaching to support all children and young people they work with.  The important partnership between those in the classroom and those conducting and drawing together the research is highlighted. 




Episode 1: Australian Literacy Educators Association (ALEA)

Title: Inquiry into teaching spelling

Background: Two teachers at Unley Primary School researched a meaning-based approach to teaching spelling through structured inquiry informed by the work of Peter Bowers, Christine Topfer and Misty Adoniou. The evidence-based approach to teaching spelling has now been adopted across the whole school through a process of practitioner inquiry and sharing good practice. 

Researcher mentor: Dr Jill Colton, University of South Australia

Teacher researchers: Amy Reid and Tam Jarowyj, Unley Primary School 

Guest Researcher: Lyn Wilkinson, Flinders University (retired)