Resources for classroom practice and continual professional growth

PETAA is a not-for-profit member association, which means that teachers like you are our reason for being. We provide the professional development, resources, and support you need in your corner to most effectively teach your students and grow your career.

PETAA membership is available for both individuals and schools. Membership includes:

  • Three PETAA publications (print or digital) and three PETAA papers (print or digital) each year* to grow your professional resource library
  • Access to high-quality, classroom-ready units of work and special projects, including the annual PETAA Teachers’ Guide to the shortlisted titles in the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards, our fantastic new Whole School Teaching Units (a new one every term!) plus special projects, such as the Lest We Forget project and Resources for Reconciliation and Sustainability
  • Resources built to cultivate inspiration and share expertise, including free, member exclusive webinars
  • Significant discounts across all paid PETAA offerings so you can learn to maximise outcome for students, including online professional learning, annual conferences, and additional publications.

*these are the 3 publications and papers that are released during your 12 months of membership.

Join online

Click through for specific benefits for each member type and at Individual (full) membership find further choices for retired teaching professionals, two-year discounts and Full International membership (which includes postage). International members can also join as digital members. To join as an international school email or call 61 (2) 8020 3900. To join as a remote-area or small school (under 100 students), email or call (02) 8020 3900.

Individual (full) $155, 2-year $279
Digital $100, 2-Year $180
Retired $100, 2-Year $180
International (full) $195, 2-year $351

Full-time Student $70 (one year only)

School $350, 2-year $630

What other people have to say about membership

From a Teacher

‘Over the years I’ve been a member, I have learned so much and value so highly the books about (classroom) research. I love having the extended narrative from Australian settings and the expertise shared. I trust the ‘storytellers’ and I love the work you do to tell our stories.’

From a Principal

‘I have been a member since 1980, still teaching full time. PETAA provides that necessary life enriching transfusion that my teaching needs!’

From a Senior Lecturer

‘I appreciate and value PETAA's efficiency, its willingness to customise needs (wherever possible and reasonable), the up-to-date relevance to what is happening in classrooms, and increasingly, the connections that are being offered to ITE providers to engage pre-service and new graduate teachers.’