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Enrol in self-paced, moderated courses for individuals running from 4–6 weeks. Or sign up for Special Delivery versions, with 20 weeks whole-school access. Access our courses through your laptop, desktop, or using the Moodle app for tablets and phones (see below).

Teaching Knowledge fo rthe Art and Craft of Writing by Dr Rod Campbell

Teaching Knowledge for the Art and Craft of Writing  presented and moderated by Rod Campbell

Teaching students the knowledge and skills for writing English can be creative, engaging and effective. This self paced online workshop will give teachers strategies and resources that can be used immediately in the classroom. The course is divided into two main parts with modules in each.

4 August–8 September 2020

Course banner with presnter and book  images linked to event

This course will be presented in 12 live webinars on Mondays from 4.30–6.30 pm (add specific dates for the course to your calendar when you register).

Grammar and teaching: A twelve week program  presented in a live webinar series by Joanne Rossbridge and Kathy Rushton

As a result of the implementation of the national curriculum and the NAPLAN test many teachers have recognised the need to learn more about the grammatical features of texts. Familiarity with grammar is essential when using language for a range of purposes and supports students to develop reading and writing in all curriculum areas. In this online course learners will:

  • Explore those features of grammar necessary for students to master by the end of the middle years of schooling
  • Develop understandings of the grammatical concepts outlined in the syllabus documents and in the writing component of NAPLAN
  • Define a pedagogy which includes the teaching of grammar in meaningful contexts relating to the subject matter of the curriculum

17 August–23 November 2020

27 August–26 November 2020

A Text Based Approach to Teaching Phonics byDr Leonie Arthur and Dr Margery Hertzberg

A text-based Approach to Teaching Phonics presented by Dr Leonie Arthur and Dr Margery Hertzberg

This course is specially designed for early career teachers working in the foundation year or early years of school, and teachers of students who are EAL/D learners.

This practical course focuses on the use of authentic texts to teach phonics in the early years of school. It demonstrates strategies for planning engaging, culturally responsive teaching and learning sequences that support each student’s development of phonics skills and vocabulary knowledge in a meaningful context.

1 September –6 October 2020

19 October –13 November 2020

Teaching Grammar with Rich Literature course banner linked to booking page

Teaching grammar with rich literature  presented and hosted by Jennifer Asha

This workshop will focus on some basic skills in functional grammar and how to teach it in the context of quality texts and dialogic pedagogy. The delivery of the course has an emphasis on the application of grammar knowledge to classroom activities and classroom talk. It aims to focus on teacher modelling of metalanguage, helping teachers to adjust adult knowledge of grammatical terms and definitions to classroom appropriate metalanguage use and the use of rich texts to show grammar use in context.

7 September–6 October 2020

Joint Construction: From model text to writing. Joanne Rossbridge

Participants who register for all three courses will receive a complimentary copy of Put It In Writing: Context, text and language (2015).

Joint Construction: From model text to writing presented by Joanne Rossbridge

Each of the three independent online courses in this series, for teachers of students for Foundation to Year 6, is designed to provide teachers with an understanding of how and why we can support students in the joint construction of texts.

Imaginative texts: 7 September–12 October 2020

Informative texts: 19 October–9 November 2020

Persuasive texts: 16 November–19 December 2020

Launching Spelling Through Reading and Writing, banner with author photo linked to booking page

Launching Spelling Through Reading and Writing presented by Robyn Wild

While most Kindergarten teachers don’t use formal spelling programs or include weekly Friday dictations into their literacy routines, the teaching of spelling is their core business. So, what are they doing? Join us while we see and hear how children are introduced to words, letters and letter patterns during shared reading and shared and interactive writing, and then use this information as they create their own texts.

6 October to 6 November 2020

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