What’s the big idea? Session 1 of Understanding and using English concepts

Michael Murray and Dr Lorraine Beveridge

Live cast on Thursday 11 June 2020

Dr Lorraine Beveridge is a curriculum advisor for the NSW Department of Education, a former PETAA Board member and co-editor of the award winning PETAA book The Alphabetic Principle. Michael Murray has contributed to the development of NSW English syllabuses, including the English K-10 Syllabus incorporating Australian Curriculum content, and led the development of professional learning and resources to support the implementation of the new English syllabus. Michael works as an independent consultant. In 2019 Michael and Lorraine co-authored PETAA Paper 215: Let’s write a unit, which underpins this webinar series.

If teachers are familiar with English textual concepts and have been using the English textual concepts website, they may choose to participate in or watch just the second webinar. Otherwise, participation in both webinars is highly recommended.

Join Michael and Lorraine's learning community in Session 1 of a two-part webinar series with Understanding English concepts: What are they? Why are they important? Recommended viewing before this session is the English textual concepts website.

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