Te Rito Toi: Helping teachers and students return to school after COVID-19

Professor Peter O'Connor

Live cast on Thursday 7 May 2020

Professor O’Connor is an internationally recognised expert in making and researching applied theatre and drama education.

Te Rito Toi is a suite of resources that help teachers work with children when they first return to school following major traumatic or life changing events. It does that by providing research informed practical classroom activities and lesson plans to help children better understand their changed world and to begin to see themselves as being part of the promise of new and better futures.

In this webinar, Peter beautifully encompassed and embodied the heart of Re Tito Toi to provide insight into how and why, Te Rito Toi came to be, along with a live demonstration of some of the amazing resources available on the site and how they can be used by teachers, school leaders and students, as students begin to return to school following COVID-19.

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