Multi-modal castle on book cover by Daniel Gray-BarnettInvestigating Model Texts for Learning, by Sally Humphrey and Emma Rutherford Vale

Investigating Model Texts for Learning is designed to support teachers in utilising model texts to achieve a range of key learning goals across the primary curriculum. By examining model texts across a range of year groups and types, you’ll learn how to identify language and image patterns for context; be guided in selecting, composing and analysing model texts for the primary classroom, and explore ways to integrate literacies in curriculum instruction and assessment.

Cover artwork is by illustrator Daniel Gray-Barnett.


Standing on a book, coverExploring How Texts Work: Second Edition

The 30th anniversary edition of a PETAA classic by Professor Beverly Derewianka investigates how texts work to achieve their purposes. We venture beyond the surface, into the structure and language features of different genres, and explore how they make meaning. Our quest is to find useful ways of talking about language in the classroom and to use this common understanding to compose effective texts.

The second edition of Exploring How Texts Work, now on sale includes a new preface by Professor Beverly Derewianka and foreword by Associate Professor Pauline Jones, as well as freshly updated sample units of work.

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Standing on a book, coverStanding on a book: Stories from Classrooms around Australia

Standing on a book is a bold collection of stories written by students and compiled for teachers, with a foreword by award-winning children’s author Sue Whiting. The writing has been drawn from classrooms around Australia, and reflects the lived experiences of children with all kinds of backgrounds and strengths, in all kinds of settings and locations. Some stories will delight you, others will unsettle: they are presented to showcase what’s possible and for you to share carefully with your own students. Dive in and be amazed by the diversity of children’s voices and concerns, hopes and fears. Renew to keep your membership up-to-date (or join to include this with the million other benefits for 2019 and 2020!).

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Enhancing teachers’ expertise, understandings and professional knowledge with research-based resources

A display of several PETAA titles

Since 1972 PETAA has provided the teaching community with high quality and academically rigorous professional learning publications and resources that have supported educators’ expertise, professional knowledge and leadership in the teaching of English and literacies across the curriculum.

Working with leading educators and drawing upon recent and relevant research, PETAA delivers a range of printed, digital and online publications and resources, which have an underlying research/theoretical framework, are grounded in quality pedagogy and feature best classroom teaching and learning practice.

‘My love affair with PETAA books began when I was a secondary school teacher and that was over 20 years ago. Since then, I've been a primary teacher and a teacher educator. Regardless of my role, PETAA books have been exceptionally useful.’ Robyn Henderson (Associate Professor), School of Teacher Education and Early Childhood, University of Southern Queensland.

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PETAA members receive three PETAA books annually and three PETAA Papers. New publications and units of work in the annual teacher's guide to the CBCA shortlist are just some of the entitlements of membership, including a 35% discount on publications and professional learning.

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Investigating Model Texts for LearningSally Humphrey, Emma Rutherford Vale11/10/2020$25.95$39.95View/BuyPET124BOOK
Investigating Model Texts for LearningSally Humphrey, Emma Rutherford Vale11/10/2020$19.45$29.95View/BuyPET124EDIGITAL
PP219: Exploring Explanations: the why and how of thingsKatina Zammit7/1/2020$3.50$7.00View/BuyPP219PEN
Exploring how texts work 2nd edition — ePubBeverly Derewianka3/30/2020$19.45$29.95View/BuyPET123EDIGITAL
Exploring How Texts Work 2nd editionBeverly Derewianka3/29/2020$25.95$39.95View/BuyPET123BOOK
PP218: Rocks in the head: Children and the language of ...Beverly Derewianka3/28/2020$3.50$7.00View/BuyPP218PEN
Macquarie University Assigned Text SpecialBeverly Derewianka2/17/2020$35.95$35.95View/BuyPETSET009BOOK
Notre Dame Assigned Book SetLeading researchers and educators12/18/2019$120.00$120.00View/BuyPETSET007BOOK
Notre Dame Assigned Book Set ePubLeading researchers and educators12/18/2019$95.00$95.00View/BuyPETSET008DIGITAL
Student/Graduate starter packLeading researchers and educators12/7/2019$120.00$120.00View/BuyPETSET006BOOK
PP217: Writing the future: Authors in Schools projectTracey Grice12/7/2019$3.50$7.00View/BuyPP217PEN
Standing on a book: Stories from classrooms around AustraliaPETAA12/6/2019$21.50$32.95View/BuyPET122BOOK
Standing on a Book — ePubPETAA12/6/2019$18.50$24.70View/BuyPET122EDIGITAL
Get into Grammar resource packLeading researchers and educators11/20/2019$60.00$60.00View/BuyPETSET004BOOK
Teaching with Intent 2: Literature-based literacyDr Bronwyn Parkin, Dr Helen Harper9/30/2019$29.25$44.95View/BuyPET121BOOK
Teaching with Intent 2 — ePubDr Bronwyn Parkin, Dr Helen Harper9/30/2019$21.90$33.70View/BuyPET121EDIGITAL
PP216 Writing beyond the classroom using the community as ..Adam Hall9/30/2019$3.50$7.00View/BuyPP216PEN
PP215:Let's write a unitMichael Murray & Dr Lorraine Beveridge6/20/2019$3.50$7.00View/BuyPP215PEN
Writing the futureKaye Lowe5/19/2019$25.95$39.95View/BuyPET120BOOK
Writing the future ePubKaye Lowe5/19/2019$19.45$29.95View/BuyPET120EDIGITAL
Notre Dame PETAA Paper SETVarious Authors4/10/2019$14.00$14.00View/BuyPPSET001PEN
PETAA Special Delivery Online: Supporting struggling readersKaye Lowe4/4/2019$2000.00$2000.00View/BuyPSD004BOOK
PETAA Special Delivery: WriterPETAA Authors4/3/2019$5000.00$5500.00View/BuyPSD003BOOK
PETAA Special Delivery - TALKPETAA Authors4/2/2019$2500.00$3000.00View/BuyPSD002BOOK
PETAA Special Delivery - WritingPETAA Authors4/1/2019$2500.00$3000.00View/BuyPSD001BOOK