PETAA Special Delivery Online: Supporting struggling readers
PETAA Special Delivery Online: Supporting struggling readers

This package is available to develop staff knowledge and engage teachers in meaningful discussion to create a vibrant learning community within the school.

  • The school will be provided with links to access a recorded version of Dr Kaye Lowe's presentation : Supporting Struggling Readers and Organising the Literacy Block PLUS 5 copies of For The Love of Reading by Dr Kaye Lowe.
  • Divided into 10 video modules with reflection and discussion questions, the structure of this Professional Learning is self- paced and ideal for school staff meetings.

Parts 1 to 4 - Assisting struggling readers looks at the reading process in detail and focuses on inspiring disengaged and disinterested students in reading. It involves the use of strategies to support readers who have 'fallen through the gaps' and those who need support to improve their literacy learning and re-ignite their passion for reading. Participants will understand the reading process and gain access to a range of literacy strategies to improve engagement and comprehension. They will identify and implement a range of support strategies for struggling readers.

Parts 5 to 10 -Organising the literacy block is a practical examination of the reading process and demonstrates strategies that support readers to comprehend texts and develop a love of reading. It provides evidence-based strategies that eliminate the stress and anxiety too often experienced by struggling readers. The workshop is about motivating disinterested students to engage with reading and writing. It explores how to organise the literacy block so that the needs of all readers are accommodated in the classroom. This workshop incorporates the syllabus as it relates to the Literacy Strand of the Australian Curriculum: English and addresses the use of literature as a key component of literacy teaching.

Cost $2000 which allows 20 weeks access to the course. The course addresses 1.5.2, 2.5.2 3.1.2 and 3.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and is an ideal way for a whole staff to engage in targeted, teacher identified Professional Learning. It also includes 5 copies of Kaye's book For The Love of Reading.


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