PP193: Asian- Australian children’s literature

This PETAA Paper, Developing intercultural
understanding through Asian-
Australian children’s literature by Kerry Mallan, Deborah Henderson, Amy Cross and Cherie Allan discusses how the cross-curriculum priority
concerned with developing Asia literacy, namely ´Asia and Australia’s
engagement with Asia’, can be significantly advanced through
the study of children’s literature. The discussion proceeds from a
brief overview of the historical development of Asia literacy to its
current place within the Australian Curriculum. It then considers the
potential of literature for assisting students and teachers in realising
this priority through the Asian-Australian Children’s Literature
and Publishing dataset, a research project on AustLit. Finally, it
discusses a small selection of texts with suggestions or prompts for raising students’ intercultural
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Kerry Mallan, Deborah Henderson, Amy Cross and Cherie Allan
ISSN 2200-2189
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