Video: Structuring the literacy block

Dr Kaye Lowe shares how to structure and package a literacy block split into short sessions to best utilise the students attention, independence and share ideas. The routine and predictability of the format gives students the comfort of familiarity and works effectively when it is adhered to.

Dr Kaye Lowe is a respected literacy author and presenter and has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in literacy for more than 20 years. She is the author of PETAA books, Writing the Future and For the Love of Reading: Supporting struggling readers.

Key Messages

110 minute literacy block - Daily Routine

  • 10 minutes: Teacher read aloud
  • 10 minutes: Teacher led inquiry
  • 20 minutes: SSW (Silent Sustained Writing) - Independent writing
  • 10 minutes: Sharing Circle
  • 20 minutes: VFR (Voluntary Free Reading) - Independent reading
  • 10 minutes: Sharing Circle
  • 20 minutes: Literacy groups
  • 10 minutes: Sharing Circle