Templates & Samples


What do I need to set myself, and my classroom, up for success?

Posted on 22/01/2024
This chapter, taken from Robyn Wild's Where do I Start - an essential read for beginning teachers - provides vital guidelines for setting up your classroom for success in English and literacy.


One week literacy lesson planning template

Posted on 4/01/2022
This template is an example of how you could plan out a week of literacy lessons with your class.


Support for planning explicit reading lessons

Posted on 4/01/2022
This document provides a structured support for planning explicit reading lessons.


Planning and Programming for Literacy

Posted on 4/01/2022
This presentation walks you step by step through programming and planning, including a sample week-long program.


Phonics content and suggested sequence

Posted on 4/01/2022
This is one suggested sequence in which phonics can be taught.


Years 1 - 2 History and English Unit Ideas

Posted on 4/01/2022
This sample unit for Years 1 - 2 provides a structure and clear examples for structuring a history and English unit.


Template: Spelling Record

Posted on 2/09/2021
Download this invaluable spelling record template.


Template: Text Analysis

Posted on 2/09/2021
This thorough text analysis template, by Dr Bronwyn Parkin and Dr Helen Harper, will ensure you get off to the right start with your planning and preparation.