Beyond the Script Take 3: Drama in the English and literacy

Beyond the Script Take 3: Drama in the English and literacy

Robyn Ewing and Jennifer Simons, with Margery Hertzberg and Victoria Campbell

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Beyond the Script Take 3: Drama in the English Literacy Classroom is both a revision and update of the previous edition of this title, with new content and references, including relevant online resources, revised literary texts and examples, and annotations, where appropriate, that relate to the Australian Curriculum: English, the Australian Curriculum: The Arts, and general capabilities.

This book focuses on integrating educational drama and literature in the primary classroom. There is much research and practice that confirms the impact that drama can have on language learning and the development of critical literacies alongside understanding, empathy and compassion and related transformative outcomes. The approach in this book is that drama is both a discipline in its own right and critical, quality pedagogy across the curriculum.

Many of the activities and ideas explored in this book can be adapted for early childhood and secondary contexts.

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Robyn Ewing & Jennifer Simons with Margery Herzberg & Victoria Campbell
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