Becoming a Meaning Maker

Becoming a Meaning Maker

Christine Edwards-Groves and Christina Davidson

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This book is the result of a year-long research project, ‘Researching dialogic pedagogies for literacy learning across the primary years’. This project was funded and supported by PETAA through the PETAA Research Grant (PRG) first awarded in 2015/16.

The book aims to provide core understandings that allow educators to say definitive things about talk and interaction in classrooms so as to bring about changes to their practices.

Listening and speaking are acknowledged as being central for the development of language and literacy and necessary for supporting reading and writing development (and the teaching and learning of it) in schools.

This work connects to the Australian Curriculum: English, not because the book is about the English curriculum, but because this is the document that guides teachers in their thinking and decision making about the development of talk and interaction and the direction of pedagogies that support their students’ learning across the grades.

PETAA members are able to access Teacher Standards mapped by chapter and including illustrations of practice, for this title. Each chapter features:

  • Lesson transcripts that are provided as explanatory technologies and the authors recommend readers refer to and use the detailed transcription chapter (Chapter 2) as a resource and guide for reading and understanding the transcripts provided.
  • Key word boxes that identify some central terms introduced in the chapter
  • Key points sections which summarise the main points made in each section
  • Learning activities which engage the reader in a range of relevant tasks designed to further develop understanding of the specific chapter focus.
In addition, an Appendix presents classroom strategies for making talk.

The authors/researchers want the book to speak to preservice teachers and teacher educators; literacy educators who seek to go beyond recipes for literacy learning; experienced teachers who question their classroom literacy practices; and to those particularly interested in the forgotten oral language aspect of literacy.

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Christine Edwards-Groves and Christina Davidson
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