Grammar: Diving Deeper

Grammar: Diving Deeper

About the bundle

This package of resources includes the two essential classics: A new grammar companion for teachers 3rd edition by Beverley Derewianka and Grammar and meaning by Humphrey, Droga and Feez plus two other texts and two PETAA papers aimed at equipping classroom teachers with strategies and support in teaching grammar in context. Investigating model texts for learning addresses how to come up with just the right model text to teach writing in the classroom whilst A literature companion for teachers draws upon quality literature texts and excerpts for use as possible mentor texts, focussing on how language constructs meaning in texts.

Intended audience

  • Classroom teachers
  • Literacy Leaders
  • Head of Curriculum, Instruction and/or Pedagogy
  • The books can each be bought separately following the links below:

    New Literature Companion for Teachers 3rd edition by Lorraine McDonald
    Investigating model texts for learning by Sally Humphrey and Emma Vale
    A new grammar companion for teachers, Beverley Derewianka
    Grammar and meaning, Louise Droga, Sally Humphrey and Susan Feez
    PP192: Grammar in the Early Years: A games-based approach
    PP196: Critical conversation: Joint Construction

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