The English/Literacy Block


What do I need to set myself, and my classroom, up for success?

Posted on 22/01/2024
This chapter, taken from Robyn Wild's Where do I Start - an essential read for beginning teachers - provides vital guidelines for setting up your classroom for success in English and literacy.


Planning and programming

Posted on 7/12/2023
This chapter, taken from Bronwyn Parkin and Helen Harper's 'Teaching with Intent 2', provides an example of a weekly plan for explicit literature-focused teaching and a sample of a weekly plan for a literacy block.


Using a full heart to plan with the Australian Curriculum: English

Posted on 5/10/2023
Get a sneak-peek inside the PETAA 2023 Conference as we are joined by featured conference speaker Dr Bree Hurn for an overview of a productive planning approach to working with the AC:E.


A Framework for a Daily 110 Minute English/Literacy Block

Posted on 13/10/2021
Struggling to design your English/literacy block framework? Writing expert, Kaye Lowe, shares her best practice approach.


Video: Student/Teacher Conferencing: Essential components of an English/Literacy block

Posted on 5/08/2021
Student/Teacher Conferencing is a vital part of the data collection during a Literacy Block. Dr Kaye Lowe shares how it is key to encouraging and setting expectations for students work.


Video: Teacher Read Aloud: Essential components of an English/Literacy block

Posted on 4/08/2021
Starting the day with the Teacher Read Aloud is the best time for maximum engagement. Dr Kaye Lowe establishes the key role Teacher Read Aloud sessions makes in introducing students to the world of literature and promoting the love of a "good" book.


Video: Literacy Activities for the Classroom

Posted on 4/08/2021
When developing engaging Literacy Activities in the classroom, there are a number of focus groups that Dr Kaye Lowe recommends. The layers that make up the Literacy Activity will assist in defining where guidance may be needed for students.


Video: Voluntary Free Reading: Essential components of an English/Literacy block

Posted on 3/08/2021
During this session, Dr Kaye Lowe advises on how to execute Voluntary Free Reading time with effective book choices and ensuring the students are engaged.


Video: Structuring the Literacy Block

Posted on 24/06/2021
Dr Kaye Lowe shares how to structure and package a literacy block split into short sessions to best utilise the students attention, independence and share ideas.


Video: Programming as part of your English/Literacy block

Posted on 24/06/2021
Dr Kaye Lowe shares how to program the English/Literacy Block over 5 weeks, accounting for the evolving processes as data is collected and student progress is monitored.