Literacy Pedagogies 101

With so many critical pedagogies and theories underpinning modern classroom approaches to teaching children to read and write, it can feel overwhelming. Below you can find a quick summary of some of the key pedagogies influencing our classrooms today. For any looking for a deep understanding or knowledge, we suggest browsing the PETAA Bookshop or our upcoming Professional Learning courses


What do I need to set myself, and my classroom, up for success?

Posted on 22/01/2024
This chapter, taken from Robyn Wild's Where do I Start - an essential read for beginning teachers - provides vital guidelines for setting up your classroom for success in English and literacy.


Dr Bronwyn Parkin - Understanding the jigsaw of reading

Posted on 21/02/2023
Join Dr Bronwyn Parkin for this deep dive into the challenges of decoding and comprehension, and how the two strands work together to produce successful readers.


Planning and Programming for Literacy

Posted on 4/01/2022
This presentation walks you step by step through programming and planning, including a sample week-long program.


Functional Grammar: A Brief Introduction

Posted on 10/10/2021
What do we mean by functional grammar and what assumptions is it built upon?


The Theory Underpinning Scaffolded Pedagogy: A Brief Introduction

Posted on 10/10/2021
Explore the theory that underpins language-focused scaffolded pedagogy.


Vygotsky and the Social Nature of Learning: A Brief Introduction

Posted on 10/10/2021
Delve into the key elements of Vygotsky's social nature of learning that most impact on teaching educationally marginalised students.


Halliday's Theory of Language: A Brief Introduction

Posted on 10/10/2021
Explore how Halliday's systemic functional linguistics understands and breaks down texts.


Video: Moving from Explorers of Text Types to Writers

Posted on 30/09/2021
Hear from 2 experienced teachers on how they used Immersion (from Cambourne's Conditions of Learning) to transition their students from explorers of text types to writers.


Video: Augmented Reality in the Classroom: An Emerging Pedagogical Framework

Posted on 2/09/2021
Understanding the pedagogical framework that should be used when considering implementing augmented reality apps into your literacy program.


Video: Selecting Fit-for-Purpose Teaching Pedagogies

Posted on 5/08/2021
How do you select the right pedagogy to use in a given setting, whilst balancing behaviour management in the classroom?


Video: Bernstein's Pedagogic Quadrants

Posted on 24/06/2021
Hear firsthand from Dr Bronwyn Parkin on Bernstein's quadrants and what they mean in the classroom.